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Year of Manufacture2008


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Efficient Performance

You demand performance that is as intelligent as it is powerful. That is exactly what you will find in the new A8. The 372 hp 4.2 V8 direct fuel injection engine equals the fuel efficiency of the Mercedes-Benz S400 and Lexus LS 600h hybrids and surpasses the fuel efficiency of the BMW ActiveHybrid.* You read that right. The new A8 delivers better fuel economy than some hybrid vehicles.

4.2 FSI V8 Engine [1]
The A8 delivers performance and handling typically reserved for cars half its size. It all starts with the 4.2 FSI V8 engine. Thanks to FSI technology, the 4.2 is powerful, responsive and offers impressive fuel efficiency. FSI injects a highly precise amount of fuel into the engine cylinders that is perfectly matched to the volume of air. Within the cylinder, the specially designed piston heads compress the fuel-air mixture, creating a spiraling effect. The result is the most efficient combustion possible. Making the most of the fuel and air combustion results in maximum efficiency and responsive power at any RPM.

Adaptive air suspension
A8 handling is even more evolved with the standard adaptive air suspension. It designed to react to driving forces nearly instantaneously producing a comfortable, responsive ride in any driving condition. Additionally, body roll and pitch are reduced by increasing damping through corners and under braking, resulting in a composed and responsive ride. For optimal personalization,
adaptive air suspension offers four modes to select from, Auto, Dynamic, Comfort, and Lift. Depending on the mode and vehicle speed, the suspension can lower the body up to 1.

Advanced Braking
The new A8 has a braking system that is carefully engineered for maximum heat dissipation and low weight. All four discs are internally ventilated, with stainless steel pins connecting the front friction plates and brake pistons made from aluminum. This sport-inspired concept is new to the luxury class and saves up to 10.5 lbs. per wheel, and makes the brakesBrakesA vehicle brakes must be matched to its power, weight, and top speed. Brakes less sensitive to fading under extreme lead. The wheel range also underscores the powerful character of the new Audi A8, with the 4.2 FSI running on light-weight 19″ alloys wrapped in all season tires


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